Dr. Mint – Beyond the Void

Daniel Rosenboom – Trumpet
Gavin Templeton – Saxophones
Alexander Noice – Electric Guitar and FX
Sam Minaie – Electric Bass and FX
Caleb Dolister – DrumsThe companion album for their January 2017 vinyl release, “Voices In The Void,” DR. MiNT’s “Beyond The Void” takes you, well, beyond! With expansive vision, improvisational daring, and stylish aesthetic, this music delves into the realm of the subconscious. Each song is the result of spontaneous collective inspiration. DR. MiNT’s signature sound is produced through a combination of pure improvisation, and real-time notation of melodic content. With a rhythm section rooted in drum ‘n’ bass and heavy rock, and horn soloists pushing the edges of experimental jazz, the band creates their own universe, held together by the dark matter of intuitive mental connection.

This album and it’s companion were recently awarded 4 Stars by the prestigious jazz magazine, DownBeat.


released December 1, 2017

Recorded June 8-9, 2016 at Kingsize Soundlabs (Los Angeles, CA)
Sound Egineered by Theo Karon
Mixed by Daniel Rosenboom (Orenda Sound, Los Angeles, CA)
Mastered by Sam Minaie (Bird Food Studio, Los Angeles, CA)
Artwork by Eron Rauch

All music spontaneously conceived by DR. MiNT
© Daniel Rosenboom Music (ASCAP) 2016
©(P) Orenda Records 2017
All Rights Reserved.






Richard Lloyd Giddens, Jr. – Mimosas


Matt Otto – Tenor Saxophone
Storm Nilson – Guitar
Adam Benjamin – Piano
Tomas Fujiwara – Drums
Richard Lloyd Giddens, Jr. – Bass

Recorded live at Maximus Media, Fresno, CA December, 17th and 18th 2015
Engineered by Eric Sherbon
Produced by Marc Kapetan and Sam Minaie
Mixed and Mastered by Sam Minaie
Design by Eron Rauch


The Kandinsky Effect – PAX 6


Warren Walker – Saxophone/Synthesizer/Effects
Gael Petrina – Bass/Effects
Caleb Dolister – Drums

Production Credits
Recorded at Maison des Artistes-Chamonix, France
Recording Engineer: Nicolas Charlier
Mixed and Mastered by Sam Minaie-Bird Food Studio New York

DR. MiNT – Voices In The Void


Daniel Rosenboom – Trumpet
Gavin Templeton – Saxophones
Alexander Noice – Electric Guitar & FX
Sam Minaie – Electric Bass & FX
Caleb Dolister – Drums


Recorded June 8-9, 2016 at Kingsize Soundlabs (Los Angeles, CA)
Sound Egineered by Theo Karon
Mixed by Daniel Rosenboom (Orenda Sound, Los Angeles, CA)
Mastered by Sam Minaie (Bird Food Studio, Los Angeles, CA)
Artwork by Eron Rauch

All music spontaneously conceived by DR. MiNT
© Daniel Rosenboom Music (ASCAP) 2016
©(P) Orenda Records 2017
All Rights Reserved.

Eric Johnson – Train to Enkenbach



Peter Epstein-Alto Saxophone
Adam Benjamin-Rhodes
Jordan Keach-Bass
Tyler Cravines-Drums
Eric Johnson-Tenor Saxophone

Lonely Llama written by Hashem Assadullahi
Mixed and Mastered-Sam Minaie
Photography-Cynthia Cloud

Qasim Naqvi – Chronology


All music on the album was produced by Naqvi on the Moog Model D Analog Synthesizer and Berna Tape Playback. The album was mastered by Sam Minaie. The album cover is by Emilie Baltz.

Jon Armstrong – Burnt Hibiscus


Jon Armstrong – Tenor Sax, Electric Guitar
Sheela Bringi – Vocals, Harmonium, Harp, Bansuri Flute
Clinton Patterson – Trumpet
Ryan Dragon – Trombone
Stefan Kac – Tuba
Erin Armstrong – Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Flute
Gavin Templeton – Alto Sax, Bass Clarinet, Flute, Baritone Sax
Brian Walsh – Bass Clarinet, Clarinet
Tina Raymond – Drum Set
Chris Payne – Kanjira, Krakebs, Frame Drum, Pandero, Bongos

Recorded and Mixed by Alex Chaloff, Bucket’s Moving Company (Los Angeles
Mastered by Sam Minaie, Bird Food Studio (New York City)

All music composed by Jon Armstrong (ASCAP)
© Jon Armstrong Music (ASCAP) 2016
All Rights Reserved.

Lyrics by Erin Armstrong

The Jeffrey James Show – Give Back

Jeffrey James’ dream album, ‘Give Back’, was recorded and produced in Portland, OR by Tim Snider (Tim Snider Music). ‘Give Back’ features Tim Snider and Max Ribner from Medicine For The People. Additional vocal tracks recorded at Paradyme Productions in Madison, WI.

Mixed & Mastered in Astoria, New York by Sammy Minaie

Jeffrey James on vocals and guitar. Tim Snider on guitar, cello, percussion. Max Ribner on trumpet and percussion. JP Downer on bass guitar. Ben Hickel on backup vocals. Album artwork by Allison Molloy

Francesco Geminiani – ColorSound

Francesco Geminiani/Tenor Saxophone and composition
Mark Schilders/Drums
Rick Rosato/Bass

Sam Minaie/Mix and Master
Matteo Crescimbeni/Artwork

Progger – Scattering


All music written and arranged by Brian Donohoe/Donomation Music (SESAC). Produced by Brian Donohoe and Matt Meli. Mastered by Sam Minaie.

Personnel on “Transit,” “Exquisite,” and “Big Trouble:” Matthew Muehling (guitar), Carter Arrington (guitar), Paul Deemer (trombone), Sean Giddings (keyboards), Nicholas Clark (bass and synthesizer), Daniel Watson (drums), Brian Donohoe (saxophone and keyboards). Engineered by Matt Meli at Orb Studios in Austin, TX on December 30, 2014. Mixed by Matt Meli.

Personnel on “Scattering,” “Traveler,” “Endorphin,” and “Werewolf:” Dan Muniz (guitar), Aki Ishiguro (guitar), Justin Stanton (keyboards), Bryan Ladd (bass), Nicholas Clark (bass synthesizer), Devin Collins (drums), Nate Werth (percussion), Brian Donohoe (saxophone and keyboards). Engineered by John Davis at the Bunker Studios in Brooklyn, NY on August 20, 2015. Mixed by Matt Meli.

“Prelude” and “Interlude” were recorded and mixed by Brian Donohoe. “Postlude” was mixed with glee by Mark Lettieri by smashing lots of Progger recordings together and playing them at the same time.

Artwork by Emilia Mendes.


Chris Misch-Bloxdorf – Snapshots


Brian Krock – Bass Clarinet
Jim Piela – Alto Saxophone
Peter Scuderi – Flute
Elyse Barna – Oboe
Kyla Moscovich – Flugelhorn & Trumpet
Chris Misch-Bloxdorf – Trombone & Composition
Christian Li – Electric Piano
Michael Verselli – Piano
Brian Courage – Bass
Josh Bailey – Drums

Luca Bruegger – Tracking
Sam Minaie – Production, Mixing & Mastering

Cover art provided by Brittany Parshall

Ochion Jewell – VOLK

Ochion Jewell - VOLK

Ochion Jewell – tenor saxophone/composer
Amino Belyamani – piano
Sam Minaie – bass
Qasim Naqvi – drums

Mixed by Andrew Munsey

Mastered by Sam Minaie

Ethan Helm – Spoon

Ethan Helm - Spoon

Sam Minaie, mixing and mastering

An album of jazz compositions and free improvisation. Sculpted noise and collective experimentation mimic the human compulsion to pinpoint beauty and meaning in a chaos of information, from the night sky to the modern digital landscape.
released 15 June 2015

Ethan Helm, saxophones
Noah Berman, guitar
Adam Kromelow, piano
Nathan Ellman-Bell, drums

Family Cow Recordings

Yelsa – Land Squid

yelsa land squid


Chris Williams – trumpet
Drew Wesely – guitar
Jordan Keach – bass
Aaron Edgcomb – drumset

Recorded by Tom Gordon – Imarage Studios

Mixed and Mastered by Sam Minaie, birdFood NYC

Melissa McMillan – EP

Melissa McMillan - EP

released 31 March 2015

Mixed and Mastered by: Sam Minaie of Birdfood Studio

All songs composed by : Melissa McMillan, except “One in a Million,” by Tim Mosley and Missy Elliot

Produced by: Ross Pederson, David Cook, Melissa McMillan

David Cook – Keys
Jeremy Most – Guitar
Julia Pederson – Bass
Ross Pederson – Drums

Recorded at : The Bunker Studio
Engineered by : Aaron Nevezie


Yelsa – Land Squid


Chris Williams – trumpet/effects/composition
Drew Wesely- guitar/effects/composition
Jordan Keach – bass/effects
Aaron Edgcomb – drumset/composition
Tom Gordon – recording engineer
Sam Minaie – mixing/mastering

Kathryn Christie – Won’t Be Home Again

Kathryn Won't Be Home Again

Kathryn Christie on Vocals, Julia Pederson on bass, Ross Pederson on drums, Jeff Stein on guitar, and Alex King on piano

Recorded and Mixed by Aaron Nevezie, The Bunker NYC

Mastered by Sam Minaie, Birdfood NYC

Will Caviness – A Walk



Milton Ager Composer
Harold Arlen Composer
Will Caviness Composer, Executive Producer, Flugelhorn, Liner Notes, Producer, Trumpet
Will Caviness Sextet Primary Artist
Sam Dillon Group Member, Sax (Tenor)
Benjamin Drazen Group Member, Sax (Alto)
Jeff Fowler Cover Photo
Ian Hendrickson-Smith Graphic Design, Layout
Jacqueline Hernandez Inside Photo
Johnny Mercer Composer
Sam Minaie Mastering
Pete Van Nostrand Drums, Group Member
Jeb Patton Group Member, Piano
Max Ross Engineer, Mixing
Jean Schwartz Composer
Will Slater Bass (Acoustic), Group Member
Cory Weeds Producer
Ned Wever Composer

Progger – Populace

Progger Populace

Mastered by Sam Minaie, Birdfood Studio NYC

Progger is
Daniel Watson (drums)
Nicholas Clark (bass, synth)
Carter Arrington (guitar)
Matthew Muehling (guitar)
Paul Deemer (trombone)
Brian Donohoe (tenor saxophone, piano, keyboards, synth, percussion)

Recorded on January 13 and 14, 2014, at Yellow Dog Studios, Austin, TX
Produced by Brian Donohoe with Nicholas Clark and Matthew Muehling
Engineered and mixed by Matt Meli
Mastered by Sam Minaie
All compositions by Brian Donohoe (Donomation Music/SESAC) except “Discobot” and “I Want More” by Matthew Muehling (Muehtilator Music)
Album artwork by Emilia Canas Mendes

Matt Mayhall – 3 Songs

Matt Mayhall 3 Songs

Mixed and Mastered by Sam Minaie, Birdfood Studios NYC

performed and recorded live on April 30, 2013 at The Blue Whale in Downtown Los Angeles.


released 15 January 2014Matt Mayhall – drums
Adam Benjamin – Fender Rhodes
Tim Lefebvre – electric bass
Jeff Parker – guitar

recorded by Alex Chaloff
mixed and mastered by Sam Minaie
cover art by Joe McKay

all songs by Matt Mayhall, Matt Mayhall Songs (BMI)

Dr. Mint – Kingsize Sessions



  • Daniel Rosenboom – Trumpets
  • Gavin Templeton – Saxophones
  • Alex Noice – Electric Guitar & Effects
  • Sam Minaie – Electric Bass & Effects
  • Caleb Dolister – Drums & Laptop

Production Credits

  • John Baffa – Engineer, Mixing
  • Daniel Rosemboom – Mixing
  • Sam Minaie – Mastering

About this album

Released November 2013.

Rhys Tivey – No Voice No More



  • Rhys Tivey – Trumpet
  • Jean-Michel Pilc – Piano
  • Sam Minaie – Bass
  • Ross Pederson – Drums

Producion Credits

  • Sam Minaie – Mixing & Mastering

About this Album

Released November 2013

Olivier Boge – The World Begins Today



  • Olivier Boge – Alto Saxophone
  • Tigran Hamasyan – Piano
  • Sam Minaie – Bass
  • Jeff Ballard – Drums

Production Credits

  • Sam Minaie, Mixing & Mastering

About this album

Released November 2013 on Fresh Sound New Talent Records

Luck & Senses – Speed of Life

Luck and Senses Speed of Life

Second collection of songs by Luck & Senses.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Sam Minaie, Birdfood Studio • NYC


released 01 January 2013

Lisa Jubilee: Vocals
Andy Barbera: Guitar
Sam Minaie: Bass
Andrew Munsey: Drums
Stephanie Richards: Trumpet*
Peter Epstein: Saxophone**

All songs by Lisa Jubilee and Andy Barbera except
One Of These Things First by NICK DRAKE

One Of These Things First, Surekeeper, Truth I Dare You and Heart Armor are from Chapter 1, Luck & Senses (2010)

Tom Gershwin – Sweet Pastimes



Tom Gershwin – Trumpet

Perry Smith – Guitar

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Sam Minaie, Birdfood Studio, NYC

Dazzle Recordings

Milton Merlos Jr. – Mi Amor

Milton Merlos

Milton Merlos – Guitars

Tim Snider – Producer, strings, arrangements, recording engineer

Mixed and Mastered by Sam Minaie, Birdfood NYC