//HEYO! Now on Orenda Records//

Great news this week!  I’ve teamed up with my close friend, Dan Rosenboom at Orenda Records to re-release my debut album, HEYO!. Press Release is here


Peter Epstein – Alto Saxophone

Mitch Marcus – Tenor Saxophone

Mark Furber – Drums

Sam – Bass, Compositions

Also, as part of Orenda’s 3rd Anniversary, we’ve lined up the new DR. MiNT record, Voices in the Void, to be released the same weekend.  The record is out now and we are incredibly proud of it.  ‘Voices in the Void’ can be bought here or digitally in all the usual spots.


Daniel Rosenboom – trumpets

Gavin Templeton – woodwinds

Alex Noice – electric guitar and FX

Caleb Dolister – drums and FX

Sam Minaie – electric bass and FX