Progger – Scattering


All music written and arranged by Brian Donohoe/Donomation Music (SESAC). Produced by Brian Donohoe and Matt Meli. Mastered by Sam Minaie.

Personnel on “Transit,” “Exquisite,” and “Big Trouble:” Matthew Muehling (guitar), Carter Arrington (guitar), Paul Deemer (trombone), Sean Giddings (keyboards), Nicholas Clark (bass and synthesizer), Daniel Watson (drums), Brian Donohoe (saxophone and keyboards). Engineered by Matt Meli at Orb Studios in Austin, TX on December 30, 2014. Mixed by Matt Meli.

Personnel on “Scattering,” “Traveler,” “Endorphin,” and “Werewolf:” Dan Muniz (guitar), Aki Ishiguro (guitar), Justin Stanton (keyboards), Bryan Ladd (bass), Nicholas Clark (bass synthesizer), Devin Collins (drums), Nate Werth (percussion), Brian Donohoe (saxophone and keyboards). Engineered by John Davis at the Bunker Studios in Brooklyn, NY on August 20, 2015. Mixed by Matt Meli.

“Prelude” and “Interlude” were recorded and mixed by Brian Donohoe. “Postlude” was mixed with glee by Mark Lettieri by smashing lots of Progger recordings together and playing them at the same time.

Artwork by Emilia Mendes.